An extremely quick to use dungeon tiles-based mapping software for “Screen In Table” and Projector based systems (Now supports Orthographic Print Exports for you to print yourself or have printed professionally). Four steps, choose a tile size, place some tiles, add some decoration and push play! Fully orthographic so you can play as if your Miniatures are in the map.

Save and load maps to enjoy playing on them as needed. If you don’t complete your battle, place some digital markers on the map to keep track of your physical miniatures locations and save it for your next play session.

Available On Steam:

Tutorial Video:

Screen In Table Preview

Development Images

Video of the Animated map for a TV in Table or projector setup.
Non Animated Image for print or online play.
Editing a map and playing using tokens.
Another Free animated map from Digital Dungeon Tiles
An active battle using tokens. Battles using miniatures printed in Hero Mini Maker coming soon.
Character and Monster Tokens have been added!
Easily draw your battle maps with the Digital Dungeon Tiles.
One button click form the editor and you are ready to play!
Wilderness and other Tile Sets Included!
Free Church battle map.
  • These are development screenshots and pre-release information is subject to change without notice.

Video & Print Map Modes Supported

Custom allows any map size up to 999×999.

Plays best with Hero Mini Maker Minis!